Matt Stone, also known as “Buck Flogging,” is the founder of Buck Books and co-founder of Archangel Ink. Matt has been earning a full-time income as an author since 2010, has self-published 20 books, and has written two traditionally-published books as well. He’s most notable for the creation of Buck Books at the end of May, 2014, which has quickly grown to become the 2nd largest book promotion website on earth.

Food for Thought

Traditional publishers are not better at selling books than indie authors are.

It is impossible to have a successful book run on a self-publishing book if you don’t have at least a little bit of a launch platform built in.

If you have a launch platform built up (no matter how big it is) that still does not guarantee that the book will be a bestseller but you can definitely give it a good chance.

The success of each book can almost directly be linked and co-related to the number of downloads it got in the first 24 hours.

Many authors do everything by themselves and as a result can’t make a professional product.

99 cent releases and promotions are really powerful.

Buck Books

Buck Books was created to come up with the marketing solution for published books. The service is free and they don’t charge authors. The books they are looking to promote should be:

  • of good quality
  • preferably always priced at 99 cents (not countdown deals)
  • at least 100 pages long (longer better)
  • are heavily discounted

Buck Books also promoted books, which are doing their free promotion.

Soon Buck Book will have a new service for fiction books.

On Gaining Readers

Blogging takes too much time and does not work very well for authors (especially fiction authors). Instead you could try:

  • Get outside of your website and network with people, who’ve already built their audience. Tap into and appear in froty of their audience (write something for them – guest post, story, etc.)
  • Network with writers, who will help you
  • Create a podcast
  • Host events
  • Organize a competition on your website (and capture e mail addresses like that)
  • Put a link at the end of your book sending readers to your site where you capture leads

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