Hey everyone! How do you like the new podcast name? 

As you see the changes I am making are becoming real now. But there are things that do not change and it’s still me – Ani Alexander 🙂

Those of you who have missed the news can check out episode 156 where I spoke to you about the evolution of the Write to be Read podcast and why it will be turning into something else – hopefully something as exciting as what we had or even better. If you need more details, please check out episode 156

ok so – welcome to the Brand Architect – the podcast that will show you how to stand out, get noticed and be heard. And it will also help you establish your brand and grow your online audience.

What I also realized was that we do need a community where  you will get all the emotional and practical support, knowledge, accountability and relationships that you need … all in one place. The Write to be Read was an amazing experience, but I’d love to engage better with my audience and dedicate more time and attention to our relationship. That is why I am building the Brand Architect Club – the exclusive community for my podcast listeners. Since it is just born I have a limited time offer for lifetime membership for you, so make sure you check it out. We already have more than 30 members there and I’d love to see you there too!

Now that I covered all the updated for you let’s finally get to our today’s interview.

Today I talk to Janet Murray. Janet helps people get press coverage in newspapers, magazines and on radio and TV. She has 15 years’ experience writing and editing for national newspapers and magazines.  You can find her PR blog here. You will find out how to pitch media and get media coverage that will help you grow your audience and business.


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