Susan’s first book- the classic bestseller –How To Work A Room® -(now available as a silver anniversary revised edition in print, as an ebook and audiobook) has sold over one million copies in 13 countries.

Named by as one of the Networking Experts to follow in 2015,

Susan RoAne, an author and in-demand international keynote speaker, has shared her message of connection and communication with audiences worldwide, and in diverse publications including: the New York Times, Sydney Telegraph, Financial Times, Globe and Mail, USA Today,, Men’s Health,Buzzfeed , the San Francisco Chronicle, huffington post and The Wall Street Journal as well as on TV, Radio and podcasts worldwide.

Her clients include Coca Cola, Kraft Foods, The US Air Force, UnitedHealth Group, Yale University, Apple Computer, Procter and Gamble, authors@google, Intel, Stanford University, LinkedIN, The National Football League, — and, her personal favorite . . . Hershey Chocolate!

Interview highlights

Writing is isolating but the part of being an author is you have to be out there so people know who you are and that you create visibility.

When we’re face to face something happens that cannot be replaced by anything online.

Don’t give your title during introduction – give the benefit of what you do and what your book will do.

Small talk is how we build those little details connections that link us to people and have them engage with us.

Always know the etiquette and the culture of the room.

Bring who you are to what you do.

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