Today I speak to Chandler Bolt. Chandler is a multiple time bestselling author and the founder of the Self Publishing School.

I had interviewed him once before… it feels like ages ago. Back then we spoke about writing, publishing and launching books. You can check out our previous inteview here.

In this interview, we talk about

  • how writing the first book changed Chandler’s life
  • what did authoring books brought to Chandler’s brand and eventually became the cornerstone of his business
  • how to position your personal brand vs your business/company brand
  • how being transparent and honest about failures helped Chandler’s audience resonate with him
  • what is the Self Publishing School and why is it the best course and community for first time writers

The free resources mentioned during the interview (time-sensitive, so grab them now)

Download below the free copy of Chandler’s new bestseller

Published. The Proven Path from Blank Page to Published Author

Watch the free videos showing how to write, publish and market your first book here.


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