In this episode I would like to talk about inspiration. We all know how important being inspired is.

Most of us lead dull and ordinary lives, and spend most of our days doing what needs to be done and have no time left to do things that inspire us instead.

Life gets on the way and keeps us away from what we dreamed of. We grow up and get stuck in the routine, responsibilities overload us and with the time we get used to it.

Some people stay in that state forever. Some others manage to break through and get inspired again.

Those who do eventually start inspiring others by their own example…

Looking at people who lead inspired life brings hope and faith. Faith that it is possible and hope that we will be able to do the same…

People, who inspire us are those, who don’t wait for the inspiration to come to their life – they provoke it. Those are the people, who have a dream and are not afraid to do everything that needs to be done to get closer to that dream. Those are the people, who find the courage to face and overcome their fears and who are willing to go through the painful process of growth.

They don’t let procrastination get on their way. They are willing to leave their comfort zone, because they know that success is outside that comfort zone.

And then as a contrast we have the other group of people… unfortunately that group is much bigger. Those are the people, who are ready to let you down, who can always find reasons why your dreams won’t come true and who settle with the mediocre.

Now, let’s recall what Robin Sharma often tells. He says that

So look around. Who are those 5 people? Do they inspire you? Do they bring you down to the reality? Do they encourage your passion or advise to grow up instead?

I personally love being different and don’t like copying what others do. But when I am looking at people who lead inspired life I think it’s worth doing an exception and copy their mindset, lifestyle and excitement.

Writing may be a lonely process, so you will need to get excited about that. You need to be inspired enough to be willing to take action. You have to be inspired enough to initiate changes. You need to be motivated to follow your passion.

If you don’t have those 5 people in your real life, who will help you with that, look for them somewhere else. Read the books that inspire you, listen to podcasts that encourage you, find groups where like-minded people gather, go to meetups.

Find ways to provoke the inspiration in your life. Anything that might work is worth trying.

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Keep writing and stay inspired!

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