String is LinkedIn Top Voice, personal branding expert, online content creator and and the founder of The Trusted Voice.

She helps leaders and experts build their online presence, because as she put it

String says that

content creation is like a car that never turns off. If you stop – people forget about u. On social media it’s about being on top of mind.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Online content creation
  • Personal branding and positioning
  • The 7 Vs framework
  • LinkedIn and its algorithms
  • How to choose the right platform
  • Monetizing your content

Food for thought

COVId 19 has made people (even every day professionals) become content creators now.

You can create channels on different platforms but you have to be awesome in on one platform first.

The way you choose a platform is – where would you have the most impact. You need to know where your audience is at.

LinkedIn tips

  • Good metric to see if you grow is – how many profile visits do u get. Your profile is like your homepage/landing page
  • Companies page don’t resonate with people. People want to do business with people at the end of the day.
  • You should not pitch someone with the first message. You wanna build relationship with the first message.
  • Text does the best – with a good headline. Copy works + it is faster than video. But if do video you will get more traction.
  • Don’t do quote photos. They don’t work well on LinkedIn.
  • Photos with your face increases engagement with 30%.
  • Human stories (vs tactical texts) work best. It’s because they see their story in that story.
  • The newsletter feature is more useful than LinkedIn live. 

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