I’m super excited that the Brand Architect podcast is back!

Today I spoke with Chris Walker. Chris is the founder and CEO of Refine Labs. Their Revenue Engine Optimization formula helps B2B companies grow revenue, increase pipeline velocity, and lower customer acquisition costs.

In this interview talk about

  • how to start and grow your business [8:20]
  • short term focused companies and the power of word of mouth [18:03]
  • cold messaging on social and personalization [19:45]
  • should you market during the coronavirus crisis [24:40]
  • how to re-evaluate and adjust your business for these challenging times [44:48]

Main Takeaways

When you are just starting the first things you should do is figure out:

  1. What are you selling
  2. Who are you selling to
  3. How you justify the value of what you’re selling
  4. How do you differentiate

When you go narrow you do better, especially at the beginning.

If you don’t have money – go organic.

  • Figure out which channel to go with
  • Create content (eg. launch a podcast and interview 20 people at a job title you want to sell to and interview them)

Chris thinks that this unfortunate situation related to coronavirus is going to force people to start doing more of the right things and people will do things differently from the marketing perspective.

It doesn’t matter how many people are doing the same thing. It matters how good YOU are at it. 

How to react to the changes that coronavirus brought to life and business?

  1. Focus on operational efficiency 
  2. Re-evaluate how you’re operating as a human (and have the team members do the same)
  3. Lazer focus on your existing customer base
  4. Look at your product (go deep into figuring out how to differentiate and add more value to your product)
  5. Focus on brand and content.

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