I was driving home in the metro train, tired and hungry after work.

There was a young girl standing nearby, with long slender feet and very tight white trousers accenting her ass. Next to her stood a young guy and although they were not too close, there was kind of “togetherness” feeling among them.

Suddenly the train drastic break got her out of balance. The guy tenderly held her waist and she looked up into his eyes. It took only few seconds before the train stopped.

“Thank you!” the girl said and went out. Only then I realized that those 2 people where total strangers.

Only then I realized how hopelessly romantic I am…

The guy was watching after her and maybe thinking whether to follow or not…

… or maybe it was just another tired look of another tired person going back home from work…

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    • Anonymous

      Seems that your recent lifestyle as a pedestrian reveals new, interesting, sometimes hopelessly silly or on the contrary deep and emotional, very romantic sides of this always unpredictable sometimes unbearable, sometimes absolutely wonderful thing which we call “Life”.

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