I was taking a shower in order to wash away my irritation and some sad thoughts. As the hot water was pouring down I had snapshots of several moments when my life felt intense, full and when I felt alive with every single fiber of my body. It made me feel better and once I got back to my laptop I decided to write them down. Who knows, maybe one day the everyday chore and the balanced life may take those memories away? Even now, from time to time I have this strange feeling that all that happened to someone else or didn’t happen at all.
Here we are, coming from childhood to recent days…. It’s all about emotions and sensations

  1. The happiness tears poured out from my eyes, when I was told that I will have a brother in few months. I was almost 12 and thought that nothing equally important will ever happen again.

  2. My first kiss… (no more details will be shared)

  3. My first poem. I wrote a word, simply because I had a paper and pen on the kitchen table. Then another word followed…. I was looking at the “result” with amazed eyes, wondering why was it was in foreign language and how come I can write?

  4. Leaving a loved person without knowing if you’ll meet again… and it happens before you understand what that person really means to you. Last good-bye, hug, kiss, sigh, tears… and burning teenage pain. (It wasn’t the only time though…)

  5. Spending Valentine’s day in Paris. Alone… walking the streets, watching the couples and crying….

  6. Long distance relationship, which was turning different emotions on and off in deferent good and bad ways (too much to write about, too little desire to do so)

  7. Doing something completely crazy and dangerous… something only young and free people can afford (no regrets there)

  8. O’Niels pub in Brussels, a party in which I was the center of the Universe!!!

  9. After my Graduation I had tears in my eyes, while was packing to leave the life I loved and to leave my plans for the future in order to get back to a place I knew in advance I will never like and belong to (almost 10 years passed and it’s still true).

  10. Hugging the one you love, who is crying on your shoulder… feeling him closer than anyone in the Universe and being grateful for letting you so close…

  11. Hugging his scarf at night, watching his favorite club’s soccer game and smelling his perfume…just because he’s far and you miss him so much

  12. Telephone conversations, which lasted almost all night long. Music, beer and his voice… what could be more romantic?

  13. E-mails and sms-s full of love, devotions, dedications, longing, feelings… (wish my heart would still jump from sms alert sound)

  14. Childbirth… I still can’t believe it felt so wonderful, after the horrors other mothers told about natural childbirth.

  15. Farewell gathering in my last workplace. I never thought I will feel so touched. That hour showed who I was in my co-workers eyes… and what I saw made me feel warm inside.

  16. Reading a book through tears… book, which fills you with emotions and makes you live… ok it’s someone else’s life, but still…

  17. The first time I drove my car… I LOVE driving…. even in traffic jam

The list could be twice as long, but there are things which are too private and which I’d rather risk to forget, than share it with people, who may misunderstand.


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