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I hope you had nice holidays and amazing New Year celebration. And with this recording I’d like to share my wishes to you for 2016.

I wish that we all read more and learn new things. Although we don’t talk about it often, I am sure that writers have not only to write but also read every day.

I also wish that we travel and get out in nature a lot. Travels will bring new experiences and topics to include in your writing as well as help you become open-minded.

I wish that we all toss away the self-doubt and start believing in ourselves, because no one will believe in us until we do.

From now on I wish we don’t wait for the right moment and start right away. Don’t waste time

waiting. Don’t make your life one long stay in a waiting room. Do what you always wanted to do in 2016. Believe me there will be no better time.

I wish that instead of complaining and blaming others we practice gratitude and thank for everything we have.

I wish that we all stop resisting the change and embrace it instead in the upcoming year. Changes will help you grow and bring in new opportunities you can’t get otherwise.

Instead of worrying about the past I wish we get new experiences, meet like-minded people and celebrate our small victories in 2016. Let go and leave things in the past and move on. You’ve got another chance for a  new start. Make this your year.

Let’s not make excuses. Let’s keep going and pursue our dreams without giving up. You are responsible for making your dreams come true. So make things happen in 2016.

Let’s get inspired and inspire others. Let’s motivate and be motivated. Do it with your writings, with your talks, with your speeches, Facebook statuses, Tweets… anything will work.

I wish you to set goals for 2016. Don’t expect immediate results in order not to be disappointed, but set positive mindset and fight back your fear of failure. One step at a time you’ll get closer to your goals, simply make sure you do make the first step.

I hope that in 2016 you will be bold enough to be different. Don’t depend on peoples’ opinion and don’t follow the crowd.

I wish all those who are not in love yet to fall in love in 2016. And those who are in love will keep working on your relationship.

I wish you also take some time to spend it with yourself. Make a date with yourself and think, reflect and listen to your inner voice. Focus on your feelings, find your passion and make decisions. Believe me, no one knows you better than yourself.

I hope that in 2016 you will be fair to yourself and to others. Don’t lie. It’s not productive.

When you reach the point at some stage in 2016 when the stress is high and you are tired, take a vacation and relax. Take a break and get back your balance.

And please don’t forget to daydream and smile on daily basis.

And never get discouraged… but if at some point you do – tune in to the Write to be read podcast and I’ll do my best to inspire and encourage you, so you continue moving forward!

Take care and wish you an awesome year ahead!

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    • tim


      Really enjoy the podcasts. Happy New Year.

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