My today’s guest is Gabriela Pereira. Gabriela is the Creative Director and Instigator of DIY MFA, the do-it-yourself alternative to a Masters degree in writing. She earned an MFA from The New School and has taught writing both online and at writing conferences. Her book about DIY MFA is due out in Spring, 2016 from Writer’s Digest Books. Learn more at

We spoke about writing, of course and below are the highlights of our conversation.

What Gabriela Said

Whenever I see a debut author launch their first book it makes me realize that magic is possible.

I do believe that writing is a teachable skill.

You should strive to reach the point when you can break the rules on purpose.

There is no right or wrong way of writing because that would mean putting your brain on autopilot and following the rules.

When you’re just putting your words on a page you’re creating the raw material.

Putting words in a page may be a struggle.

Once you’ve gotten yourself into a routine and into a habit of writing fairy regularly it’s a lot easier to sustain that momentum.

I believe that writers should write the thing that doesn’t make them want  to break the computer.

You wanna remember the individual humans behind the numbers.

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