Just like in that famous song, I was born in the USSR. 

Yup… I am THAT old and yup… that country no longer exists. 

The Soviet culture had strong imprint in many people’s mentality and lifestyle. If you were born in those years too but in any capitalistic country, then I am sure you think that things back in the Soviet Union were way worse than they were. To be fair that is exactly what we thought about your country too…

But that is not what I was going to write about. 

Among many different memories from my childhood I remember what I disliked most… standardization. We all were raised to think alike, to behave alike and to look alike. There were very few choices and we all could do nothing but choose among that scarce variety only. 

Well, USSR was extreme case… but even later, when I ended up living in different countries, I realized that the whole concept was very similar, simply the scale was different. 

And that brings me to the main topic of today – the “weirdo”s and misfits.

No matter where one lives being different is not always easy. One ends up bumping into walls of misunderstanding, the feeling of not being appreciated and the backlash of criticism. One is considered to be “crazy”, “a creep”, “a weirdo”, etc…

Even my mum, who I know loves me, in many different occasions described me as “very original”. In reality she did mean crazy, but since she’s always been very “politically correct” that’s how she phrased it. And to be honest I wasn’t even THAT different… simply I did not look at life the way others around me did. My only issue was: I did voice my opinion and it was not a popular one… that’s all.

And although I myself have never been extremely different or as mum put it “original”, I always admired those who were. To me all those “misfits”, “creeps” and “werdo-s” were extraordinary. They always intrigued me. They were the ones who have chosen “the road less travelled by” and that by itself made me envy their courage.

If one does things the way things have always been done one will get the same outcomes as always. If we keep doing things as they have been made just because that is the “right” way – we will never come up with different and in most cases better ways. 

Do you think innovation and creative ideas can come from ordinary and common people? 


Then think again!

This is the ode to all who’re questioning the society norms and challenging the status quo. The ones, who are not afraid to be themselves and tap into their superpower. Their superpower of weirdness that many perceive as weakness… To all those who prefer to make their own path and not to drive the highway…

People obsessed with their ideas and dreams… 

To all those who change our world one step at a time, one dream at a time, one idea at a time…

Cheers to misfits and all those crazy ones, who think they can change the world.


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