When she was graduating from the business uni she had a dream.  

A dream of working in a big international bank… no, not like a PA or any other “beautiful female” role, but a real one. High level and respectable role that men were competing for… 

Brainwashed by the society full of feminists, careerists and materialists, she was determined to get to the top.
In 10 years time she imagined herself in expensive suit, getting out of her expensive car and hurting the pavement hitting it with the high sharp heels with each step. 

That’s what she wanted and that’s what she was going to get. Because she never gave up and always ended up where she wanted to be. 

Maybe later than she hoped, but sooner or later she always reached her goals.
And there she was now, doing just that – getting out of her expensive car and rocking her Sergio Rossi pair.  
But unlike she imagined, she did not keep her head high and look fresh.
Because now she already knew that the society full of feminists, careerists and materialists while brainwashing the ones like her was telling only one side of the story and was hiding the most important one. 

They did not tell what it would cost her… 

The whole problem was that she paid much more than the price of those shoes. Shoes that not only cost her way too much but were also pretty uncomfortable.  

They did not cost her what was written on the price tag… they cost her losing the sense of who she was, they cost her a big piece of her soul and … happiness. 

She got where she thought she wanted to be and it took her more or less the 10 years she imagines it would take…  
But what she did not imagine was what else it would take and how she would feel. 

It took her years of running in a rat race, climbing the career ladder, competing with others non-stop and making sacrifices… she thought she was getting closer to her dream and once she gets there she would be happy.

But life had another plan… 

Life had decided to grant her her dream… so she can see that she will be unhappy once it’s reached.  
And there she was – unhappy and lost.  

Single, because the guy was getting on the way between her and her dream…
Paying the shrink to talk to, because she had no time for friends and they were no longer around…
And a fat bank account that she could not spend, because the things she wanted and had lost forever could not be bought with money… 

Her heels were hitting the pavement as if the asphalt was the one to blame…  

Meanwhile a young girl passed her by and looked at her Sergio Rossi pair with admiration.  

The young girl had the same dream as herself 10 years ago…  
She too was brainwashed by the society full of soulless materialists. 

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    • R.A. Kukkee

      Yes, Ani, the story of high expectations, life, and the tumble into reality. You nailed it…..

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