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Today I have a very special guest. If I had not met him online most probably the Write 2B Read podcast would not exist. My guest is Meron Bareket. He is the host of the Inspiring Innovation podcast –  and the Podcast Incubator – The World’s Best Step-By-Step Podcast Training & Community To Take You From Zero To Launching A Successful Podcast. The Podcast Incubator was the only resource I used when I launched my podcast in only 3 weeks.

I knew nothing about podcasting 3 weeks before my podcast launch so I had to learn everything from scratch. I know that there are many famous brands to go to but where I personally went to and got everything I needed was at the Podcast Incubator. There are step-by-step videos, I have access to Meron Bareket, who ensures over the shoulder support and the community is absolutely amazing. For me personally relationships are important and Podcast Incubator is where I found high quality relationships with the mentor and other members. I not only go there when I need answers to questions, or help with technical issues, but also when I seek encouragement, inspiration and moral support.  I am absolutely convinced that Podcast Incubator is a unique place, where you get answers to all your tailored needs.In this interview we will be covering the exciting subject of podcasting and find out how authors can use that marketing platform in order to get exposure and gain new readers. 

In this interview we cover the following:

How much do you have to invest to start a podcast –[12:40:00]

What podcast types you can choose from – [18:19:00]

How to get audience from scratch with podcasting –[29:11:00]

The future trends of podcasting – [36:13:00]

Free resources and bonuses you can get[45:09:00]

By getting the lifetime free access to the resources you will find out about how to:

  • Plan your podcast
  • Set up your show
  • Choose gear and software
  • Record your podcast
  • Edit your podcast
  • Set up your podcast hosting
  • Launch your podcast

Meron was kind enough to offer 2 bonuses on top of it all

  1. Extremely valuable 1 on 1 call with Meron
  2. Premium module with Tim Paige covering podcast intros/outros and how to build your e mail list fast

Resources mentioned

  • Libsyn – this is the hosting service I use for the Write 2B Read podcast. Use the coupon code “inspire” while registering and you will get 2 free months
  • Bluehost – when I created it I knew very little about websites and hosting services that is why one of the most important things was the customer support. I changed about 4 hosting service providers and at the end, comparing all of them I ended up with Bluehost. It seems to be the best in terms of price/quality of service and I am quite happy with it.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. It means that I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase at no additional cost to you. But that is not the only reason. I could have made a long list of different things I don’t believe in for commission’s sake. But I featured here only those products and services, which I truly believe are helpful and useful.

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    • Forbidden Doctor

      We really enjoyed this podcast episode! We owe EVERYTHING to Meron as well. We made it to New and Noteworthy on iTunes, and have changed our lives using his techniques. With his knowledge, we were able to share our message with the world. Next, we will have to learn more about your book-making skills!!

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