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Today I am speaking to Ana Hoffman. Anna is the founder of the Traffic Generation Cafe. Traffic Generation Café brings you the most profit-pulling free traffic generation tips, tricks, and resources, so that your website and business will go where no website has gone before.Content repurposing is really kind of today of content marketing, because content marketing on its own does not work any longer.

The purpose of the content is to solve a problem that your audience has. That’s what makes it valuable.

Every piece of content has to have call to action. Don’t create any content unless you know what the call to action is.

The most logical call to action is “subscribe to my email list”

Your website should have one ultimate goal.

Selling cold traffic on anything is almost impossible.

Re-content is a lot faster and easier to do than coming up with new content. (Re-content = Content repurposing)

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Traffic Generation Café

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