Today I decided to go to the other side and get reader’s perspective on things we writers are curious about. And who else could be a better person to talk to than a professional writer who partly makes money by reading books, right?

Well it happened so that I knew someone like that and I’m happy to share with you our talk.

Jeff Brown is my guest today. He is a podcaster, mentor and speaker. His goal is to help people bridge the gap between intentionality and implementation.

He does this by sharing my professional insights, and the insights of successful people all over the world, on leadership, personal development, productivity, entrepreneurship and more through my blog, my podcast, and through personal consulting and speaking.

His podcast Read to Lead is one of the top podcasts out there and before beginning Read to Lead, Jeff spent 26-years in radio, which obviously makes him way better podcaster than me 🙂

In this interview we talk about reading and writing and it seems that we have more laughs than usual.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

And the last thing:

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