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I am really happy to announce that last week my podcast passed 50k downloads. This may not sound too much for some, but for me it is very special. The reason is – when I was launching Write 2B Read the biggest fear I had was that no one will listen. That’s what I was scared of most. So reaching 50k downloads is huge!

To celebrate that (+ my birthday this month) I created a giveaway for writers, which you can see here. The winner will get Scrivener + 2 books, which will help become successful self-published author. Please check it out and share with those, who might be interested.

Now let’s get to the interview

My today’s guest is Bryan Cohen. Bryan is an actor, freelance writer, author and an occasional game show contestant. He has written over 30 books, which have sold more than 30,000 copies. His newest book is Ted Saves the World, the first book in a new YA paranormal/fantasy series. 

With Jim Kukral from Author Marketing Club, Bryan co-hosts The Sell More Books Show.

He’s also been keeping a blog to help creative writers find new inspiration for the last five years. Check out Build Creative Writing Ideas here.

Bryan’s writing has appeared on over 100 blogs, including The Creative Penn, Helping Writers Become Authors, and

In this interview we discuss how to deal with 2 separate audiences, how to manage time,sell more books and prepare book launches.

Interview Highlights

How to deal with different audiences?

Different audience should be approached differently. Bryan has 2 separate audience building approaches (blog fir non-fiction and videos for fiction), 2 separate websites and different e mail lists.

How to Sell More Books?

In order to sell more books, you need the three things mentioned below:

1. Get the fundamentals right (strong book cover, professionally edited text, catchy title, etc.)

Everything about your book listing page online has to be indistinguishable from the traditionally published and professionally …. book.

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