Life is interesting….

It’s full of unexpected surprises, which come out of complete bloom, out of nowhere and make your day!

She got out of the office building and faced the clouds and their strong rain. The drops where coming down in stable flow, which could not change its direction and speed. Their journey was predictable, they were coming to lie on the ground and stay there until they die and dry the next day under the sun. They were there to annoy people, to make them change their faces and fade their smiled.

But she was different. She practically lived under the rain for 5 years and it did not have any effect on her anymore. Rain was no longer strong enough to change her plans, mood and feelings. While coming out of the building she was determined to stay positive and make the rain, not her be irritated.

She did not open the umbrella immediately, like the others did. She gave the pleasure to rain to pour down on her and saved few drops from death on the asphalt. The next thing she did was taking out her phone and choosing the sunniest song from its playlist.

Only after the earphones where in her ears, she opened the umbrella and walked fast towards the metro station. Joe Cocker was singing about the “ summer in the city” and she was completely out of the reality. She was in another city, it was summer and the sun was shining down at her. She was happy…. Very!

And that’s how it should always be. We, ourselves create our reality and it’s up to us how we react to small inconveniences of life.  If we recall a nice digital message instead of an unpleasant e mail from the boss, if we recall the nice times from past love affairs instead of concentrating on the break up parts, if we talk to colleges we like and decrease to minimum the time we spend with the ones we don’t, life will be much nicer.

Life is interesting… simply notice the small positive spots and make them the center of your daily thoughts, feelings and memories. After all tomorrow at some point will become yesterday and the worries you had back then at some point will be behind.

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