In today’s episode we had a nice conversation with Felix Sander. Felix is the CMO of Appics – reward-based social media platform. Their mission is to return the value created by the time spent in a social network back to the content creators and the audiences who love and support them.

In this episode we talk about

  • Importance of the online communities
  • How Appics managed to build such a loyal community
  • Influencer marketing
  • Authenticity online
  • Importance of he cooperation with other partners
  • Future trends of the social media platforms

Want to get results from social media? Take this into account.

The people who are most successful on Appics are the ones who engage with the community. There is a clear co-relation in how much do you interface with the community.

Keep it personal and honest. 

Things Appics did to build a healthy online community

  • They knew really well the pain points of the target audience. That’s why they were able to offer the right solution
  • Appics team members use the app and engage with everyone in the community and have special calls with the ambassadors.
  • They promotes gamification of social media 
  • Appics influencers are category directors – they curate content and find good quality content creators

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