Today I am talking with Bruno LoGreco. He is a master life coach, mentor and the author of Stop Sabotaging Your life, 3 Steps To Your Full Potential.

In this interview Bruno speaks about

  • why did he decide to write a book [4.08]
  • what was the hardest part in writing a book [6.11]
  • how did he overcome the fear of sharing his writing with the world [9.26]
  • what does he mean by the phrase “stop sabotaging your life” [13.55]
  • where to find the encouragement if you don’t get it from the people around you [22.00]
  • the 3 steps to achieve your full potential [26.31]

If you would like to watch the live Blab of the podcast recording and also what we spoke about AFTER the podcast recording was done you are more than welcome to do so below:

If you are Write 2B Read podcast listener and have written and published your first book thanks to the knowledge and the encouragement you got from the podcast, please drop me a line and I’ll feature you in podcast’s special episode!


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