Today my guest is Mark Evans. Mark is a fractional CMO for a fast-growing B2B companies.

In his episode we speak about

  • the importance of the storytelling in marketing
  • what kind of stories could you potentially tell
  • the importance of transparency 
  • how to find your differentiator
  • what is a fractional CMO
  • the future of work

Food for Thought

Your product is irrelevant – they don’t care about your product. What they (potential clients) care about is them.

Branding matters! It’s little bit a leap of faith – you have to buy into the idea that branding matters.

People are interested in origin stories.

Brand storytelling has to happen at the very beginning. It has to be part of the core DNA. If you are not thinking about brand storytelling from the very beginning you are making a big mistake.

Establish brand positioning as a starting point. Core story of what you do, who you serve, what makes you different and what value do you deliver.

Whether it is B2B or B2C you are really selling experiences. You’re trying to paint an aspirational picture of what a better world looks like for them. Show them that there is a better way and here it is.

You have to be aware of what customers are thinking at all times.

If you are executing without a consistent message whatever you are doing is not gonna a work.

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