As you have already noticed I am really excited about the new live streaming platform called Blab and as some of you have already seen I am recording some of the podcast interviews live on Blab.

So I decided to launch an online course about how to grow your audience and your brand with Blab. The course is called Blab Traction and I am preparing it right now. It will be ready and launch on November 1st. But before that I am pre-selling it at the ridiculously low price + with special bonuses. The limited time bonuses and price offer is will be available only for the first 35 registered students.

If you are interested please check out all the details here!

My  guest today is Alex Barker. Alex is By day a pharmacist, by night a hero to his 2 daughters and wife, and by early morning a business owner.

His mission is to help men and women find a disciplined approach to success in life and business. I highly recommend his podcast called 66 Day Experiment. 

In this interview we will be talking about habits, motivation and writing a book.

Food for Thought

If you want something to be contagious and be shared naturally between people your idea has to be unique.

There is no such thing as failure – there is only feedback.

Useful Links

66 Day Experiment

Blab Traction Course

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