Forbes called Steve Sims the Wizard of Oz. He’s the only person I know, whose job is making people’s dream come true.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the state of today’s society
  • how COVID 19 will change people’s behaviour in the future
  • what’s the best way to spend time in the lockdown
  • personal branding
  • the importance of online content
  • how to catch people’s attention online

On how to spend time in a lockdown

We know that the virus is gonna go. Now is a phenomenal time to focus on u. No one is sharpens their weapons on a battlefield – there is gonna be a hockey stick of consumptions. You wanna make sure you are ready for that. Make you sharper – read, clean house, educate, listen to podcasts.

On Personal branding

Stop branding yourself. When people think – oh I am gonna brand myself – they become someone they are not.

Your brand is what everyone is saying about you when you leave the party. Doesn’t matter what YOU do it’s what other people are talking about YOU – that’s what you are.

What is it that only you can do. What problem are you solving. 

Social audit – every single one of your social pages – is the bio the same? All bios are the same – why? Because you should not be different just because you are on a different platform.

Focus on yourself and who you are.

You don’t wanna confuse people who you will be working with.

What problem are you solving? How you look is irrelevant. You are the solution to the problem.

Your business does not have to be unique. 

In socials (costs nothing) – put useful content. But the truth is people are lazy – they will come and hire you to do it.

On relationships

Today we are losing the ability to have eye contact. 

Many people have lost the ability to communicate to each other.

I am communicating while so many others aren’t.

Go to a coffee shop and start a meaningful conversation.

If you think Facebook is the only way to communicate – then you have a problem.

On visibility online

Every one person that likes or comments – there are 30 other people that are watching you that have not done that.

The good think about the content is that it’s parked. As soon as people start commenting on it again it gets back to the forefront.

Produce content that impacts you and impacts others (keyword others)

Likes don’t matter – you can’t pay your mortgage with likes.

Whatever I post on Facebook automatically I cup and paste on LinkedIn. Why? Because I am the same person, it is the same information – it’s just relevant to you where you consume it.

You can grab anyones attention as long as you bring value to the table.

Food for thought

The problem we’ve got today is we’ve evolved into a transactional society. We’re used to making orders and receiving those orders. 

Wherever there is a recession there are still people with money. We’ve never been in a situation when we can’t consume. As human beings, we are massive consumers.

When this finished (i.e. the coronavirus situation) there is gonna be a consumption free fall. Everyone is gonna go nuts.

There’s gonna be more conversations in that coffee line that we ever had before. Before people would look in the phone in the line.  – People are gonna change for a short period of time – people will be conversing in the coffee line. The sad thing is we’ll soon forget. We always forget – we forgot during the recession, 9/11, coronavirus.

The people that are gonna conquer in this experience – those are the people who are gonna re-evaluate

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