I have already done more than 200 interviews so far. And I enjoyed most of them. And I am proud that most of my guests were amazing.

But… some of them were more amazing than the others. And very few of them were absolutely awesome.

This is among the best interviews I’ve done.

Here I talk with Steve Sims – the guy from East London who went from bricklayer to becoming a Wizard of Oz for millionaires and billionaires.

You can spot him on red carpet with all those celebrities. In every day life though (and even on this interview) you will realize that he’s just a great guy with a simple black T-Shirt, great father and husband, good friend and simply someone who rides his way through life on a motorcycle.

In this interview he drops truth bombs and wisdom that I am sure all of us need these days.

Watch it below:

Below are some of things Steve shared that I wanted to emphasize on:

I was unintelligent and uneducated and therefore I was threatening.

People were started talking about me because I wasn’t trying to outdo them by what clothes I was wearing, which Ferrari I was driving – I’m an ugly kid from London who rides around in motorcycles, so I was no threat to them.

The first thing to realize is – Be You. Because if there is any element in you that is not authentic – you pretend to be more educated, you pretend to be more articulate – anything that you pretend send off a vibe and that vibe goes to the other person as confusion. So they look at you and go like – I am not getting 100% read here

All the people who wouldn’t employ me are now covering my parties.

Many people don’t say what they mean. They say what you wanna hear.

Have a relationship. People think if u go to social media and you friend someone it means you’re mates. They are just social connections. To turn those connections into relationships you have to invest your time.

I think people skill is something that can be un-learned. We are born with it and as school goes on it’s taken out of us.

I only employ friends, I only take friends as clients. If there is someone in your life that you don’t like – imagine the gut feeling get have when you have to phone them this morning. When I take a client – I have a chat and wanna see would I like to hang out with this client. If no – then we don’t take them on.

Make sure you communicate with people you get on with.

You only get rich once but you have to focus on being wealthy — Warren Buffet

I know many rich people that are poor.

The second you are born – you are unique. Focus on you because you are the brand. People buy stuff because of the personality behind the brand.

People look at me walking down the red carpet with Elton John and think “I can’t do it”. The truth is – 25 years ago neither could I!

They see me and they only see the tip of the iceberg. They don’t see the shit. They don’t see that I went broke several times. they don’t see

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