Today I am talking to Dr. Tom Curran. Help people to discover the unique gift that each of them is and to discover how they can be that gift in the world. He also helps speakers be able to be able to present their message more effectively and helps. organizations lead their organizations more effectively.

The most important is that Tom is one of the best storytellers that I have met so far.

In this interview we talk about the power of the storytelling and Tom shares his knowledge and opinions around the topic. It was originally done on Blab and you can see the full recording of it below (including the Q&A and extra talks). The podcast is the edited shorter version of what we had covered.

Food for thought

You don’t just make a presentation – you ARE the presentation.

Recognize that before you ever write you are already an author. Meaning that there’s a message that is already in you and it’s already coming out of you whether you recognize it or not. You’re already authoring a message with your life.

Full Blab interview

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