Usually the first associations of “romantic” are red roses, candlelight dinners and of course Paris.

For me it’s something different…

It’s the atmosphere of air filled with the unspoken, unexpected, unplanned but at the same time extremely organized chaos of feelings.
It’s something completely ordinary when you look from aside, but extremely romantic for the ones who know that they’re special to each other. It’s not easy to explain, but maybe I can give few examples of what’s VERY romantic to me…

Here we go…

Driving somewhere far away and watching the stars and the moon

Painting walls together

Eating half lying in the car with legs hanging out from the windows

Dancing on a coffee table

Driving on a highway at night, with smooth music playing

Writing sweet stuff with the lipstick on the mirror

Kissing under the rain

Holding hands… like it is “the beginning”

Night phone call that lasts till dawn

Surprise trip to …anywhere

One bicycle and you two

Sitting or lying on a roof

Cooking together

No matter how dry, uninteresting and sad some days may be I’ll never give up fighting them back and holding romance’s hand escape somewhere far away in that sweet organized chaos!

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