I always loved Woody Allen. At first it was based on the main fact that he was different, but after Vicky Christina Barcelone it is also based on the fact that he is deep. It was amazing how on the surface with very simple and easy scenes he was touching deep and phylosophical topics.

This is a move, which may be viewed in 2 different manner, depending on who you are or what mood u r at.

Here are some observations, which brought the thoughts below:


Ted: Here in Barcelona, everything was swept aside. The world was turned upside down and stayed there.

Fred: Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the world was upside down before, and now its right side up?

It seems that from time to time you have to step aside and try to re-evaluate your coordinates, where you stand, who you are and many other things… Not always you will like what you will realize, but it is better to know things than wrapping yourself with the fake illusions through which at some point you will not be able to see the reality anymore.

Observation: Vicky’s and Cristina’s clothes

They both wore American style clothes with a priority of comfort being above style and taste even when they went for dates.


Only unfulfilled love can be romantic

Maybe being in love is a transitional period and love needs to be unfulfilled, so the couple does not reach the finish… Or maybe it is not true at all and love is good in all its forms… who knows?


He had this hot divorce and she tried to kill him

Living with hot tempered people has its price… But on the other hand you will never get bored, which takes us to the point below:

Observation: Vicky’s guy

The guy was good, there was nothing negative in him…but he seemed so disgustingly dull… and their relationship was sooo EMPTY!!! And the saddest thing is that this is how normal relationships of normal people in this world are…


Maria Elena: You’re still searching for me in every woman.
Juan Antonio: That is not true, Maria Elena. I was in Oviedo some weeks ago with a woman who was the antithesis of you. An American, and something beautiful happened with her. So you’re mistaken.
Maria Elena: You’ll always seek to duplicate what we had. You know it.

When you are looking for someone specific in someone else all you will find is bitter disappointment from the fact that what you had and lost was unique. And in case you find what you were looking for you will get the bitter disappointment from the fact that what you had lost was not as unique as you thought it was.

Observation: Barcelona

After all, putting aside the film… how beautiful, warm, sexy, nice, attractive, intimate, passionate and perfect Barcelona is!!!

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