Back in summer when I spoke with Julian Hosp I was making my first steps towards the whole new world of crypto. I wasn’t even sure what blockchain was.

Back then, when I recorded live-streamed this interview I did not know 3 things.

  1. that I was going to launch the Crypto Talks podcast
  2. that I would end working in blockchain and fintech (I am head of marketing at BABB now – check out our awesome project)
  3. being a complete newbie – I did not know that Julian was one of the established influencers in the field

If you prefer to watch the interview instead of listening to it here is the Youtube version below:

For all of those who want to figure out what the hell is blockchain, below is how Julian explained it in a simple and comprehensive way.

“I look at the blockchain as a technology. I am not fan per se of Bitcoin or Ethereum or Dash. I like all these cryptocurrencies. But for me it’s more about the underlying technology.

“Blockchain is the same kind of revolution when it comes to ownership, when it comes to money, when it comes to any kind of assets, as the Internet was to communication and information.

“And what I mean is the following: prior to the Internet we could have not done what we are doing right now [online face to face video interview] because we would have relied on large centralised stations that controlled whether you would be allowed to do this video or not. If they wanted you to do this video, you could do it. If they didn’t want you to do the video, there was no chance to get your radio show out, your television show out, your newspaper out — everything was completely controlled by centralised institutions.

“And then the Internet popped up. The internet itself is a concept, it’s nothing more than an idea of decentralisation meaning not one ruling it all — it’s interconnection of things. And once it happened, it allowed the telecommunication done over the internet, it allowed for things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all these kind of live and not live mediums.

“The blockchain is doing exactly the same thing to ownership. It’s ownership of anything you can imagine.

“It’s the ownership of money, ownership of real estate, it’s the ownership of stocks, of diamond, off gold, whatever you want to own — the blockchain takes this responsibility away from one central institution — the easiest one is the bank because it is a concept that we all understand — If the bank says — yesterday you had a money today you don’t have a money because I don’t like you or because you did something then like this [Julian clicked his finger] the money is gone there is nothing you can do about it.”

“If you are part of the government and that government doesn’t like you and they want to take your ID away, your passport away — they slip a finger and there’s no way to verify that you are who you are.

“The blockchain allows us to decentralise that. Taking the power away from one institution, one individual, one organisation and distributing it over every participant, just like the Internet did. And the more participants that are part of it the stronger this entire ecosystem gets.”

And last but not least

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