Hi everyone! I am very excited to announce that the Write 2B Read podcast is finally live. Many have writer’s doubts, in my case I had podcaster’s doubts. I’ve been thinking about creating a podcast since 2 years already, but never did anything about it. I was not sure about my voice, about my accent and about the fact that people will actually listen to me. Then I realized that I will never know until I try. So I spend the last few weeks learning podcasting from scratch and recording episodes and interviews for you.

Write 2B Read podcast is created to encourage and inspire writers to become authors. It will have very short episodes with tips, reflections and encouragement as well as longer interviews with writers, who will share their views and thoughts about writing, self-publishing, book marketing and anything else that they think you should know. I really hope that the podcast will help you in your journey of finding your readers and becoming a bestselling author.

You are welcome to join Write 2B Read podcast’s closed Facebook group, where we will be discussing everything that you would like to know, share tips, provide feedback and simply spend a good time together.

Needless to say, that I will need your support badly and by just spending few minutes to rate and review the podcast on iTunes as well as subscribing to it by clicking at the link below will make a huge impact to podcast’s growth and success.

Review Write 2B Read podcast!

From my part, I would like to offer you an ebooks for writers that I have created for free. You can check the details and get them by clicking here. Thank you in advance for listening to the podcast, spreading the word about it and providing feedback!

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