Steemit is probably the easiest way to earn crypto without investing money or mining it. That is why, although this interview with Andrew Levine, who is from Steemit was recorded half a year ago, I think it is very relevant to Crypto Talks and  it’s a platform that you need to know about!

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What is Steemit?

It’s a combination of Reddit and Medium. Steemit is a content sharing platform and it helps its users to monetize their content. And the guess what? It’s free to use! But there’s even more… The social network is itself is built into blockchain. But you don’t have to understand any of that complex stuff in order to start posting.

How Many People Are Using Steemit?

Steemit has between 50-100k daily active users. But it is not a question of how many people are using it. It’s more about the value of users. The value of average social media user is zero, which is not the case for Steemit user (it’s obviously more than zero)

What About Followers?

If you create high quality content then you will get high quality followers. So make sure you focus on quality! It doesn’t so much matter how many people upvote you as much as who the upvotes come from!

How to Make Sure People on Steemit See Your Content?

Engage and interact with the users. Comment on their posts. Look for people whose content you find valuable. Create genuine relationship, instead of asking for upvotes and follows. Don’t be the douchebag who spams! (this one was my bonus idea)

Can You Repurpose Your Existing Content?

The short answer is yes. You can use what you have already created. But if you cater it to Steemit audience it will do even better! (so don’t be a lazy ass!)

How Do I Make Money?

The points you earn are cryptocurrency tokens that have value on the market. You can exchange Steem for Bitcoin and then exchange that into real money. (you can use for that) Steemit rewards people who invest the most in the platform, especially the content creators.

3 Ways of Making Money on Steemit

  1. Create content
  2. Comment on content
  3. Curate content

Niche Down or go Broad?

Being broad can be rewarding. You do not need to stick to a narrow niche in order to succeed on the platform.

So… How to Start?

1. Sign up (waiting period is  24-48 hours)

2. Chat with other Steemians at

3. Start engaging on the platforms (comment!)

4. Look for good content that is your cup of tea

5. Start paying attention to formatting (photos, headings, short to the point paragraphs, well organized content will do better)

And Remember!

It is possible to quickly raise through the ranks… It IS possible but it ISN’T easy!

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