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This episode covers list of places, where you can find writing ideas!

How many times have you been stuck? How many times have you realized that it is time to update your blog or start your next book but did not have any idea what to write about?

So where could you get ideas about topics you could write about?

I came up with a list, which may help you come up with your own list of topics to write about.

1. Blogs

2. Magazines

3. Books

4. Overheard dialogue

5. Movies

6. Forums

7. Art

8. Music

9. Conversations with friends


11. History

12. Travel/Trips

13. Children

14. Dreams

15. Free writing

16. Brainstorm

17. Success Stories

18. People watching

19. Your life

20. Other people’s lives

21. Photography

22. Questions you’ve been asked

23. Ask in social networks

24. Your previous writings

I wish you all plenty of ideas and a productive writing week!

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