So what is it that most of the writers do? What is in common among them? What are the different facts we all share together?

I tried to come up with a list of things that might be signs that you are a writer.

1. You are avid reader

2. You own many journals

3. You can’t walk past stationary shop

4. You take pen and notepad everywhere with you

5. You have more books than friends

6. You love watching people

7. You Listen to life stories and think about how to write them up in a book

8. Writing is always in your priority list

 9. You love solitude and enjoy “me” time

 10. You think about the book you’re writing and the characters no matter  what you do

11. Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes annoy you

12. You hate any “real” and “normal” 9-6 jobs

 13. You listen to other people’s conversation trying to find a new story

 14. You dream of making full time income writing

 15. You hate editing

 16. You have your personal list of things that boost your creativity

 17. You feel guilty if you haven’t written for a while

Well, those were the signs I came up with, but I am absolutely sure that there are many other signs I forgot to mention. Please add those in the comments and let’s have a much bigger list at the end 🙂

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