Writer's Block

Today was one of those days…

I procrastinated for a long time before I sat down to write. I didn’t even have to look for excuses – there were so many.

There were many other things to do… But were those things as important as writing? Couldn’t they wait? “No” to the first question and “yes, of course” to the second one…

Then I finally sat down and opened a blank file. My fingers were ready to hit the keyboard, but my mind was not.

I could not hear my thoughts. My mind was completely blank. The silence was so loud that it scared me…

The next stage was the panic.

Staring at the blank screen I panicked – “I can’t write!”. “The mighty power is gone”. “I’ve become an ordinary person”. “Someone has stolen the words fro me…”.

I breathed and tried to relax. Of course I can write. I have written 3 books. I have written many blog posts. I’ve done it so many times… I’m a writer.

I’d say I had writer’s block if I believed such thing existed. But I don’t.

Writer’s block exists in our mind. I think that it is yet another excuse we hide behind. We have created that myth and feed it with different theories.

I even have the impression that some people are proud of having writer’s block. Maybe that’s because its presence proves that they are writers? I don’t know…

What is it then?

Well I have my own theory.

We are not typing machines. We are human beings and being writers we are a moody ones. We can’t be super productive and write masterpieces every time our fingers hit the keyboard.

Sometimes our mind rebels. It needs break. And when we refuse that it takes a break whenever it wants. Like today, when I finally sat down to write.

So, suppose I am wrong and it is a writer’s block… Is it fatal? Is there a way to fight it back?

Of course…

In case my theory is right and writer’s block happens because your mind is protesting, then give it the break it needs.

Try different things and see which works best for you.

Stop thinking about your writing deadlines… Forget about your today’s word count. Get away from the computer. Go and walk in fresh air. Unplug and relax. Do something you like. Get back home and take a shower… or a bath with candles and music. Drink whatever you like. Eat chocolate…

Give yourself that mini-vacation. Let your mind get what it wants.

It will restart with fresh energy and bring back all those thoughts you could not hear anymore.

And what happens now?

Now writer’s block is the one who’s taking a break… or maybe it is paying a visit to another writer…

If that other writer is you, please don’t panic!

Remember writer’s block is only in your mind. It came because your mind was not happy and needed a break.

Give it a break and send that writer’s block to somewhere else .


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    2 replies to "Writer’s Block? Really?"

    • sofia

      Simple suggestion. As I was reading this I was thinking about the grade of children I will have and how to motivate the reluctant writers. Perhaps let them take a walk and have some time in solitude under a tree may help.
      I enjoyed reading your post.

      • Ani

        Thanks for the comment Sofia. Try and let me know if it worked 🙂

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