This time I’ll talk about something that seems to be important to many of us. I’ll share my thoughts about being a writer and how you get there. Every year, here in Armenia we have the TEDx Yerevan. I truly enjoy those events because every time they end up being really inspiring and uplifting experience. I’ve been there for three years.

Usually at similar events During coffee breaks and lunchtime, the most common question people ask each other is, “So what do you do?” At the conference in 2012, when people asked that question it was very hard for me to answer. At that time I had quit my job and just started writing my first novel called Highfall. Back then I did not even have the title, so it was just a novel. Maybe that is why I answered to that question with insecure and lame phrases, such as “I am trying to write”, “I write a bit” and “I want to be a writer.” 

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does.

The next year at Tedx event it was completely different. That time was different because my life had gone through an important change over the past year. That year I had no problem saying, “I am a writer” believing in every single word.

The last time, which was this September, when I went there again, people were already introducing me to others saying – “This is Ani. She’s a writer”. That sounded like music to my ears.

So let’s get back to the very beginning.

Those insecure phrases with “I’m trying to write…” “I write a bit…”. What keeps us from saying “I’m a writer?”

It seems like we need permission to write. We are looking for someone (preferably a publisher or a famous writer) to tell that what we write is good, so we can keep on doing that.

What do all those insecure phrases mean? Who is “aspiring writer,”? Who is “pre-published writer,”? Who is “undiscovered writer,”? Who is “almost a writer,”? What are those words we put before writer for?

To me personally, Someone is either a writer or he is not.

Jeff Goins in his book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) says Becoming a writer begins with a simple but important belief: You are a writer; you just need to write. And I completely agree with him.

You don’t need to seek anyone’s permission to write. You don’t need to pass an exam to be called a writer and be able to share your story. You don’t need to obtain any license for that. You don’t have to want to become a writer… You simply need to be one.

Writers write. And no one can take it away from them. Whether what you’ve written is liked by many or only few is another question. You will never write a book, which will be liked by everyone, so don’t even try.

By trying to please every single reader you will only lose your unique voice. After all it’s better to be loved and adored by few than simply liked by many.

There will always be writer’s doubts and you will always have different challenges along the way. But that does not mean that you are not a real writer. In fact there are no real or unreal writers.

I’m sure that if you are here now listening to me, then you have decided to be a writer. And you are… You ARE a writer!

Don’t wait for someone to acknowledge that fact. Don’t waste time waiting for others permitting you to call yourself a writer. Do your thing – write.

And please do me a favor. When someone asks what you do – gather all your confidence and faith and reply “I am a writer!”

That was all I wanted to tell to you today. Hopefully I managed to pass my message through.

Have a nice day and be writers!

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    3 replies to "You ARE a Writer!"

    • Jan Koch

      Love it Ani!
      Believing in yourself and giving yourself permission to do something extraordinary (read: something others won’t do) is tough, yet it’s the foundation to be successful.

      Learning to believe in my skills when I thought about becoming self-employed took me weeks. Even after a year I still have these very rare moments of self doubt, but I know how to handle them now.

      What’s really helping me is a plan. A plan that lays out my goals and the ways to get there right in front of me, so that I only need to follow the steps.


    • Robert Sababady

      When I clicked on the play button of this podcast, I was expecting to hear a nice and short jingle (which I heard – btw, I like the melody). Then I expected Ani to introduce herself and to introduce the topic – which she did ….
      … and then the podcast took off in a totally different direction. Ani shares her personal experience of establishing herself as a writer and then sends a powerful and compelling message on what I should do to be a writer.

      I ask myself “How did Ani know what I am struggling with? She hardly knows me?” Then I realised that she has been down this road. The road that makes every writer to start writing and to focus on writing. Luv it!

      Can’t wait for the next podcast 🙂

      • Ani

        Thanks for listening Robert!

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