When love knocks your soul

When jealousy puts its foot on your throat

When passion makes you breathless

When everything else seems senseless

When music plays on your soul’s strings

When creativity makes strong kicks

When words are born in your mind

When feelings are storming inside

When curiosity hugs you

When excitement wraps you

When you find new insight

When your dreams become bright

When there are hopes, plans and fears

When there are joy, love and tears

… Then you are alive!…

    16 replies to "You’re alive!"

    • I meet most of the criteria here so I’m alive! Very cool poem Ani. I have some unpublished poetry that I’m planning to post to my blog in the next month or so but I doubt it will resonate with people like yours will.

      • Ani

        Thanx Joel!

        BTW you can not know how your poems will resonate before they are published, so go for it.

    • Lori Lynn Smith

      “When passion makes you breathless”

      Very Nice indeed !

    • Bobbi Emel

      Cool poem, Ani!

      • Ani

        Thanx Bobbi and Lori. AList really makes people connect 🙂

    • Brought some things “alive” in my head with the quick read.

      • Ani

        Jt – welcome 🙂

    • Sarah O

      Love this Ani! It’s fun to mix up our blogs with some poetry or creative writing. I Tweeted to share with the world.

      • Ani

        Thanx Sarah!
        Actually that’s what I was worried about – whether the creative writing part does not damage the focus of the blog. I’m glad you feel that it’s even benefitting 🙂

    • LOVE IT!!!!!!
      enough said 🙂
      Noch Noch

      • Ani

        thank you Noch Noch!

    • Kaylee

      Love it! Experiencing everything, even the not so great, is living. Thanks for sharing your poetic side with us. 🙂

      • Ani

        Thank you Kaylee.
        Poetry neer had so many comments before 🙂

    • Ciara

      Wow beautiful words, very touching. Keep them coming

      • Ani

        Thanx Ciara… unfortunately words come whenever they want and don’t come if they don’t want 🙂

    • marie-christine

      Living the TIME OF MY LIFE!
      xxx 🙂

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